Design strategies to further improve User Experience in ‘Retirable’

Retirable is a digital financial-wellness provider that aims to help everyday Americans through their retirement transition.

Everything that’s Good

Credit where it's due. The current homepage is designed spotless, using a lot of white space and following a minimal design principle.

Retirable Website
  • Clearly highlighted USP (Unique Selling Point) that stands out and conveys the intended message
  • Optimal usage of White spaces throughout the website
  • Clear navigation elements
  • Brilliantly leveraging FAQ sections to clear the common doubts and queries
  • Well structured sections to avoid any confusion
  • Minimum steps to the goal

The Enhancement Angle


Retirable is focussed on helping mainly the Baby boomers and Gen Xers in planning for both the financial and non-financial aspects of retirement. Their main push has been towards serving theses demographic, while others are focussed on much younger ones.

User Cases

Use Cases are selected to understand how users will perform tasks on the website, from a user’s point of view.

  1. Karen (Looking for the solution Retirable provides. Interested in buying)
  2. Gary (Positive about the Retirable. Wants to buy)
User Cases

Features and Functionality

Based on the analysis of the results and User Cases, I had a brainstorming session to figure out which new functions, and which visual approach, could satisfy users' needs. After the brainstorming session, the most important points were selected and sorted into two categories: Functional and Visual.

Features and Functionality


With the new features finalized, we can move ahead to wireframing to define the framework of the new website. With several frameworks designed, I chose the final wireframe.

Hero Section
Testimonial & Data Safety
Homepage — Current & Modified

Usability is about people and how they understand and use things, not about technology — Steve Krug

Few Marketing Suggestions to increase customer growth

Along with the above suggestions, I also have some ideas that I think can help Retirable grow. Assuming that the primary demographic is Baby boomers and Gen Xers, we can build their trust by being their ‘Go-To’ financial guys. This can be achieved by building trust over time and by providing value by,

  • A long term strategy involving free small Customer Education Program on personal finances and the basics. This will help in building a loyal customer base and further increase our outreach
  • As already included in the design suggestions, 2 to 3 different videos of testimonials to plummet the social proof
  • Small rewards to the Referral system
  • Some small gifts or coupons to customers, on special days, via direct mail to their home for connecting at a personal level. A recipe for customer loyalty

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