Dude, WTH is a TRIAD?

The TRIAD initiative

Some of the well-intentioned comments I received from close accomplices when I started my first initiative.

In their defence, nobody understood what I was doing nor what the initiative was all about. They still don’t.

A small group of crazy Mavericks out to unleash the power of bringing ideas to life

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Do you know what The Light Bulb, the Umbrellas, Taxis & Coffee have in common?

They were all ridiculed in the beginning as worthless ideas when they were introduced.

Yeah! Ridiculed.

And despite all that, these things have integrated so deeply in our lives and society that we cannot imagine a world without it! In fact, we adore and celebrate these today — centuries after the invention!

All the great ideas, even for the Geniuses initially started off as a spark — just like in our…

Building your Dream career need not be something that only a few can achieve. You just need to be brave enough to take your path, away from the status quo.

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Our Recruitment system is broken.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room! Although the majority of the organizations are following the normal cookie-cutter formula to hire people, it is clearly evident that something’s amiss.

Why I created my unique Portfolio, with the Tracker and divorced the idea of Dribbble as Portfolio

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I hate Dribbble as a Portfolio!
I hate it even more when people demand a Dribbble link, considering it as a Primary Portfolio piece!

There! I said it. I’ve been carrying around that for some time now!

It makes no sense to showcase my Dribbble profile as my Portfolio. I…

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How being stubborn can actually help you Succeed. How to instil it into our life.

What often separates Succesful from the rest, is that they just…

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